We provide a professional accounting and taxation service which caters to individuals, small and medium businesses, corporations, investment property owners and new enterprises.

We work very closely with our customers, providing them with the necessary accounting and financial services to survive in today's competitive market. Our experience and dedication make it possible for many businesses to grow and prosper.

We help business owners do what they do best, so they can receive optimum results from their operations.

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Carol Lacambra - Owner & Tax Specialist

    Carol is an Enrolled Agent and is certified and licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers before the IRS. She is the Owner of Custom Tax $ Business Services Inc., as well as a Public Notary. Carol has been preparing taxes since 1999;  She has prepared over 10,000 tax returns and is an industry leader; She worked for one of the largest Tax Firms in the country, as an Office Manager/Tax Instructor. She was the highest producer in a 5 state area preparing tax returns, with a 100% accuracy rate for five consecutive years. Carol is very experienced in preparing all types of tax returns; such as but not limited to: truck drivers, farms, rentals, military and small business owners. Carol says "I will get you the largest refund that you are legally entitled to."

Carol Buxton - Tax Specialist

      Carol Buxton is a Tax Specialist, she has over 25 years of experience. She was a senior tax advisor at H&R block for over 15 years before she joined our team. She holds an accounting degree and has extensive knowledge in taxes and tax law. She is very involved in the Veterans of Foreign Wars and other Veteran charities. She specializes in Estates and Trusts but can do it all!

Jessica Lacambra Castoldi - Office Manager

       Jessica is Carol's daughter and is our finance & operations manager. She has an extensive background in the medical field. She draws her experience from working in multiple medical practices with numerous providers. She also volunteered with her local fire department for 10 years where she became an EMT and was committed to helping those who needed it and providing the very best services possible. Her main objective and goal for this office is to not only meet our client's needs but exceed them and to operate as efficiently as possible, without sacrificing the quality of customer service and satisfaction.

DeAnn Sorensen - Lead Bookkeeper

     DeAnn is our head bookkeeper, and has multiple degrees, including accounting, business, and business management. She has taken over all our bookkeeping clients. She has an extensive background and knowledge with QuickBooks. She is hardworking, meticulous, and great with communicating with clients. She is currently enrolled in the QuickBooks Pro Advisor course and is learning QBO operations.

Baylee Quay - Bookkeeper

      Baylee is DeAnn's right hand! They work closely with each other to meet our client's needs. The two of them together have done a fantastic job of keeping up to date with state and federal changes, and making sure our client's books are up to date and accurate. Baylee also went to school for accounting and has extensive knowledge with QuickBooks. She is currently completing her QuickBooks Pro Advisor certifications.

Wendy Tappa - Truck Driver Specialist

     Wendy has been an integral part of our team and has been with us since our opening! She owns and operates her own business and has a personal understanding of being a small business owner in Washington state. She does all of our truck drivers licensing, IFTA's, IRP's, UCR's, registrations, 1099's and factoring.

Carol Morgan - Lead Secretary

    Carol Morgan is our main contact person and lead secretary. She is quick, witty and hard working; she is currently helping us develop, implement and perfect new office policies, procedures and inner workings to better serve our clients and employees. She is excited to continue building relationships and rapport with our current clients, and to answer any questions and hopefully make each person's day she comes into contact with, just a little bit better than it was before!

VikkiJo Copeland - Secretary and Assistant

     VikkiJo is our jack of all trades! She is currently enrolled in school and working towards an accounting degree. She plans on becoming a CPA in the near future, and we hope she stays with us! She helps out at the front desk with scheduling, filing, phone calls and messages. She also plays a huge part with tax preparation and bookkeeping!